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Robert Warren - Artist

Robert was a master jeweler for 25 years who grew disenchanted with the grind of the diamond industry. With a desire to be closer to the land and eco-culture that fed his soul, Robert made the bold choice to reinvent himself; he traveled the Pacific Northwest working on farms and becoming one with nature. 

Now, in New York, he continues to stay close to nature, often found working with the animals on the farm or barefoot on the beach, cleaning up litter and absorbing his surroundings. Robert is passionate about the animals under his care, photography, and striving for sustainability, all of which act as driving forces for his work and product offerings.

Visit the gallery where you can see a glimpse of the life Robert leads day to day. From the documentation of the animals he loves to care for, to the breathtaking shots of the nature & landscapes that surrounds us all. Robert incorporates all of his photography into his work for timeless memories for everyone to enjoy.